About innovation at Surrey

beat365登录官网大学的创新不仅仅意味着帮助beat365登录官网的员工和学生创新. The University has a responsibility to local, national and global society to make a positive impact for the benefit of all.

Our innovation ecosystem

Our innovation ecosystem is a highly interconnected network of entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, companies and partners all of whom have a link to the University. 通过这个生态系统培育、保护和实现积极影响是beat365登录官网的工作之一 research and innovation strategic goals.

30 years in the making

Over the last 30 years在吉尔福德,大学为许多新的商业和工业的创建做出了贡献.  beat365登录官网之所以能够在创新方面取得成功,不仅是因为beat365登录官网的学术研究质量高,还因为beat365登录官网投入了大量的时间, resources, and funding we put into our innovation ecosystem.

Surrey Research Park: the heart of our ecosystem

Surrey Research Park aerial shot

Since its inception, beat365登录官网大学通过与工商业合作支持知识交流(KE), much of which has been facilitated by the Surrey Research Park (SRP). Founded in 1984, SRP occupies 28.5h within the University’s grounds, and supports c170 businesses. Together with SRP, the University’s KE activities contributed c8,2018/19年度,英国创造了500个工作岗位,并为英国经济贡献了8.5亿英镑的总增加值(GVA), an increase of 3% since 2015/16.

Surrey Research Park has proven instrumental in the creation of the Guildford digital games industry, with 70 companies contributing c1,000 jobs and £64m GVA to the local economy, including via the Park’s own RocketDesk.


Our commitment to responsible innovation

Student at the laboratory

负责任的研究和创新(RRI)是一个概念,研究和创新实践应该考虑到工作的更广泛的社会经济影响,而不仅仅是进一步了解人类. As such, the goal should be that we, as researchers, scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs 让新技术为社会服务,不要引起比解决的问题更多的问题.”

虽然beat365登录官网没有一套明确的标准来判断一项创新是什么, or is not, responsible, there is a consensus amongst funding bodies, commercial enterprises, 和学者beat365登录官网研究人员应该努力遵循的一般原则.

  1. That innovation should have value for society.
  2. That the innovator should consider all possible impacts.
  3. 利益相关者的参与在整个开发过程的所有阶段都很重要.
  4. 要有透明的治理和监督,让创新真正负责.

Our research and innovation strategy


Our research and innovation strategy aligns our internal resources and focuses them to generate positive impact for society in a way which is co-ordinated to the wishes of our staff and students; our local community; our regional economy; and the wider world.

Our strategy is an integrated framework, recognising that innovation flows seamlessly from research, and by innovation, beat365登录官网广义上指的是beat365登录官网的研究带来的所有社会利益——不仅仅是它的盈利, as important as that is.

View our full research and innovation strategy

Our Knowledge Exchange objectives



1: Scale Innovation: 通过教育使创新成为beat365登录官网学术界的主流活动, stimulating, and facilitating innovation activities.

2: KE Pathways: 在现有成功的东九龙通道(例如知识产权商业化和商业合作)的基础上,扩大东九龙的活动,以加强公众和社区的参与和政策制定, thereby, 引领本地区的社会和行为变革,以及产品和服务创新.

3: Innovation Ecosystem: Optimise our Innovation Ecosystem to facilitate external engagement, enabling businesses to boost productivity and prosperity in our region, encouraging investment in R&D, 支持非商业伙伴促进社会发展,提高学生和研究人员的就业技能和经验.

4: KE Partnerships: Build new KE partnerships across a wide geography, 支持未来基础设施和政策的技能转移和智能投资, contributing our regional skills to levelling up across the UK.

University innovation contacts

Directors of Innovation Strategy

Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming

Director of Innovation Strategy (Incubation and Enterprise)

Will Lovegrove

Dr Will Lovegrove

Director of Innovation Strategy (Tech Transfer and Industry Partnerships)

Business Incubation

Keith Dixon

Keith Dixon


Ian James

Ian James


Charlotte Watson

Charlotte Watson

Operations & Relationship Manager

Enterprise Programmes

James Hodges

James Hodges

Project Officer, Blockstart Programme

Zoe Jennings

Zoe Jennings

Innovation Advisor, SETsquared Scale-up Programme

Brita Terpe

Brita Terpe

Business Coordinator

Industry Partnerships

Placeholder image for external profile

Dr Winnie Chow

Partnership Manager: China

Student Enterprise

Kate Bray

Kate Bray

SUV and IKEEP Project Manager

The Technology Transfer Office

Iuean French

Ieuan French

Technology Transfer Manager (FHMS)

Will Mortimore

Dr Will Mortimore

Technology Transfer Manager (FEPS)

Faraz Rizvi

Faraz Rizvi

Impact Acceleration and Knowledge Exchange Manager

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Elaine White

IP Commercialisation Officer